Tuesday, January 26, 2016

First Day of Class!

Today is the First day of class, Dr. Smirnova had us engage in various activities beginning with drawing our interpretation of a scientist.  We had a couple of minutes to create our interpretations and then also give them a name.  Next we walked around the room to see what our peers had created.  Surprisingly many of them shared characteristics.  Once we observed our classmates drawings we sat down and discussed what stereotypes were prominent in all of our drawings and why we thought it was like that (ex. mainly male, crazy hair).  It was very interesting to see that subconsciously we all had very similar interpretations of what a scientist looked like in our heads.  For our next activity we were presented a sealed bag, and were asked to guess what what was inside of it.  After we made guesses the bag was passed around the room and we were able to hold it for 5 seconds in an attempt to figure out what was inside.  We heard squeezing and rattling coming from the bag as students manipulated it.  We were then asked to make new guesses as to what was inside the bag, the consensus was either a baby toy, dog toy, or potentially instruments we also guessed there can be more than one item in the bag.  Dr. Smirnova then asked us what else we could do to come to a better conclusion as to what is in the bag (without opening it).  We gave answers such as, weighing it, burning it, holding it for a longer duration of time, putting it in water and many more.   Dr. Smirnova then told us that we were using the scientific method to help us come to conclusions.  After this activity we began setting up our live binder and blogger profiles.  We will be using these accounts through out the semester to post and discuss events in the class, assignments etc.  Finally we created our groups for our fieldwork assignment and began discussing what we will be teaching for our group lesson.  This was the conclusion of the first day of class and we now have only 14 weeks until summer!

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