Tuesday, February 23, 2016

Second Snowday!

What a surprise!! A second snow day! I was actually very fortunate for the weather as I was actually very sick.  At the time I thought I had gotten food poisoning over the weekend however, it turns out I may have had the Norovirus which we just so happened to be going through an outbreak at the time.  I would assume if I had got it it was either from the preschool where I work, or Whiteface Mountain where I had gone snowboarding over the weekend.  I must say the trip to Whiteface Mountain was a ton of fun! (Other than the return trip Sunday in which I started feeling sick)  Surprisingly the weekend before quite a scientific event took place at Whiteface where the temperature reached -114 degrees fahrenheit with the wind chill!!! http://unofficialnetworks.com/2016/02/whiteface-mountain-reaches-114-wind-chill-summit

During our lesson with Dr. Smirnova, she helped us with working on our lesson plans and edtpa yet again.  It was good to get more insight on a tricky subject for me and to be able to enjoy it from home!! The class took place yet again in the MSMC Online classroom and this time I was pretty familiar with how it worked.  (Unfortunately my microphone was still non-functional, but otherwise no problems!)  The lesson did not last the entire class as Dr. Smirnova let us go early to work on our classwork/lesson plans.  Overall it was a great class and I was happy to keep my sick body home!

Tuesday, February 16, 2016

Snow day!

Week 4 to my surprise was met with a snow day!  BDMS was closed due to the weather so our class did not have to meet at the mount.  Instead we had our class online in a "E-classroom".  This was my first experience in an online classroom and it was certainly very interesting.
So we began class at the regular time (4:30) although we were able to have the class from anywhere! I was off of work that day so I happily stayed in all day and signed into the class promptly at 4:30.  I had no idea what to expect from the class, though I was relieved to find I did not have to be filmed on my webcam.  Unfortunately my microphone was not working on my computer no matter how many different things I tried, I simply could not get it to work.  Luckily for me there was a setting to type in our responses which is what I ended up doing.
Dr. Smirnova gave us a lot of good information on how to fix our lesson plans and how to go about doing our edTPA work.  Overall I was very happy with the online class, it was a good way to be able to meet up and discuss without having to leave the comforts of our homes!  I enjoyed my first online classroom experience and little did I know it would not be my last!

Tuesday, February 9, 2016


So for the third week of class my group presented our lesson on the physical and chemical changes of matter.  I was a little nervous going into the lesson hoping that we had everything just right.  But by the time the kids came in I was ready to roll.  Dr. Smirnova was giving our group tips on our lesson which really helped out, she also suggested a short pretest in the beginning of the lesson which we used to asses the "scientists" previous knowledge of the subject matter.  Since we were the first group to go Mrs. F began by introducing herself to the students and having the students introduce themselves to all of us.  She is a very outgoing teacher and I feel she made the children feel very happy to be in her program right off the bat.  First we taught our Direct Instruction lesson via a powerpoint where each member of my group took turns presenting a slide.  We also demonstrated some basic changes of matter in this portion to show the children what would happen.  These included dissolving salt in water, pouring sand in water and mixing baking soda and vinegar.
After our powerpoint we divided ourselves into stations to help the children have a more hands on experience with our lesson.  This is where we the 5E model in our lesson.  We had 4 different stations for the children to try consisting of: Goop,lava lamps, making tin foil boats and, glue bouncy balls.  With these mini hands on experiments we taught children the difference between physical changes and chemical reactions.  I personally had the Goop station and LOVED it.  I remember making it in high school and having a great time with it.  Based on the children's reactions, they thought the same, which made me very happy!

After our lessons we wrapped up and the children went home.  We cleaned up our messes, some bigger than others (mine was very messy!) and headed in another classroom to continue our course.  At this point Dr. Smirnova invited students to give us some critiques and pointers on how to improve our lesson.  I was happy to hear some areas that needed help as I consider myself still new to teaching lessons.  Overall I think it was a great day!

Tuesday, February 2, 2016

The Second Class! (and an intro to fieldwork)

For our second class we had met in the Dominican Center curriculum library.  I had not been in the curriculum library, and before I was aware it was in the Dominican Center I was nervous I would show up in the wrong place!!  Luckily I cleared things up before class and made it on time!  To begin class we were given a short lesson from Tiffany Davis on the library and using searching databases.  Out of the 5 years I have been attending the mount I had never known about all of the options that the database can serve.  I had only known about the search tool, not the various other options to narrow down ones search.  I was very happy to learn this information as it will make further research much easier!
After this we were given a short review on what we had learned and how she taught, then our second guest took the stage.  Our second guest was Mrs. Foster-Faith a science teacher at Bishop Dunn Memorial School.  She first gave us a little "ice-breaker" type game involving magnets to get us all thinking about how science can be fun.  Then she began telling us what she was expecting from us for our respective lessons.  At first it seemed a little overwhelming, but soon I was able to see that she was trying to have us form lessons that could be both informative and fun while following the 5E model.

After she had concluded we moved our class into a tiny (very, VERY I might add) room where we used the smartboard to read our "Scientific-Me" presentations to the class.  We were only able to get through two presentations before ending that segment to work with our fieldwork groups.  This also became a quick and informative lesson on how to use the google drive (which I didn't know I needed so much help on).  All in all it was a quick week and the days flew by leading up to my groups day to teach for field work, but that's a story for another day.