Tuesday, February 9, 2016


So for the third week of class my group presented our lesson on the physical and chemical changes of matter.  I was a little nervous going into the lesson hoping that we had everything just right.  But by the time the kids came in I was ready to roll.  Dr. Smirnova was giving our group tips on our lesson which really helped out, she also suggested a short pretest in the beginning of the lesson which we used to asses the "scientists" previous knowledge of the subject matter.  Since we were the first group to go Mrs. F began by introducing herself to the students and having the students introduce themselves to all of us.  She is a very outgoing teacher and I feel she made the children feel very happy to be in her program right off the bat.  First we taught our Direct Instruction lesson via a powerpoint where each member of my group took turns presenting a slide.  We also demonstrated some basic changes of matter in this portion to show the children what would happen.  These included dissolving salt in water, pouring sand in water and mixing baking soda and vinegar.
After our powerpoint we divided ourselves into stations to help the children have a more hands on experience with our lesson.  This is where we the 5E model in our lesson.  We had 4 different stations for the children to try consisting of: Goop,lava lamps, making tin foil boats and, glue bouncy balls.  With these mini hands on experiments we taught children the difference between physical changes and chemical reactions.  I personally had the Goop station and LOVED it.  I remember making it in high school and having a great time with it.  Based on the children's reactions, they thought the same, which made me very happy!

After our lessons we wrapped up and the children went home.  We cleaned up our messes, some bigger than others (mine was very messy!) and headed in another classroom to continue our course.  At this point Dr. Smirnova invited students to give us some critiques and pointers on how to improve our lesson.  I was happy to hear some areas that needed help as I consider myself still new to teaching lessons.  Overall I think it was a great day!

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