Tuesday, February 2, 2016

The Second Class! (and an intro to fieldwork)

For our second class we had met in the Dominican Center curriculum library.  I had not been in the curriculum library, and before I was aware it was in the Dominican Center I was nervous I would show up in the wrong place!!  Luckily I cleared things up before class and made it on time!  To begin class we were given a short lesson from Tiffany Davis on the library and using searching databases.  Out of the 5 years I have been attending the mount I had never known about all of the options that the database can serve.  I had only known about the search tool, not the various other options to narrow down ones search.  I was very happy to learn this information as it will make further research much easier!
After this we were given a short review on what we had learned and how she taught, then our second guest took the stage.  Our second guest was Mrs. Foster-Faith a science teacher at Bishop Dunn Memorial School.  She first gave us a little "ice-breaker" type game involving magnets to get us all thinking about how science can be fun.  Then she began telling us what she was expecting from us for our respective lessons.  At first it seemed a little overwhelming, but soon I was able to see that she was trying to have us form lessons that could be both informative and fun while following the 5E model.

After she had concluded we moved our class into a tiny (very, VERY I might add) room where we used the smartboard to read our "Scientific-Me" presentations to the class.  We were only able to get through two presentations before ending that segment to work with our fieldwork groups.  This also became a quick and informative lesson on how to use the google drive (which I didn't know I needed so much help on).  All in all it was a quick week and the days flew by leading up to my groups day to teach for field work, but that's a story for another day.

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