Wednesday, March 9, 2016

Fieldwork Group #3

We met in Bishop Dunn for the third groups fieldwork assignment.  The third group did their fieldwork on the types of rocks.  They utilized the smartboard in their lesson with a game which I thought was fantastic! I am not too familiar with the smartboard, but after viewing their lesson it made me want to learn how to use it!  I liked how the group got the students engaged in the lesson and I really liked how they had the children identifying their rocks after the direct instruction lesson.  I could see that all of the students were very excited about the lesson save one student who expressed confusion with the lesson.  But the group was fairly quick to act in that they went out and helped the student.

From my experience I know that learning about rocks can be quite dry.  However, I feel that the groups lesson that involved some really fun "hands on, minds on" learning experiences inspired and captivated the students.  I feel there are a lot of fun ways to teach this field that some teachers may not be aware of (or at least some of my older teachers for that matter).

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