Wednesday, March 16, 2016

Fieldwork Group #4

Group 4 taught their lesson on the scientific method.  I really liked this lesson as it was really the backbone of what every group had been teaching all semester.  I liked that it was in the end as it served as a review for our students.  That being said!...I think that this lesson should have been taught first, and I believe I heard those words repeated more than once after their lesson.  They really had the students engaged with their magnet experiment and I think everyone was happy with how their lesson came out.

I felt bad that their lesson was rushed as we had our celebration of learning at the end of the day for fieldwork...but who could get upset over ice cream!! Thats right, Mrs. F created ice cream for the students as well as us older people it was quite the treat! In all honesty I think I was more fascinated with the process of making it with the liquid nitrogen over the final product (not to take anything away from the ice cream, it was delicious).  It was a great end to fieldwork, and I commend Colin on stirring the mixture, its not something I would do!!

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