Sunday, May 15, 2016

Book Talk

For my book talk I decided on Bartholomew and the Oobleck.  I have always been a fan of Dr. Seuss and much to my surprise had never seen this book!!  I decided on this book because I saw a lot of opportunities for it to become a lesson.  Actually, It had somewhat been involved in my groups lesson where I had students make goop.  I had remembered seeing a lesson on making "Oobleck" when I was doing research for the lesson and decided to see if the book was any good.  Of course the book was good!! I was upset with myself for not discovering it sooner! From and education standpoint I saw a great opportunity in that this book utilizes a lot of tier 2 words.  So in itself it is already a great ELA/Reading lesson.  But then their is the additional lesson for science involved as well! This book can be used to get students thinking about substances that could qualify as both liquid and solid.  The more I thought about using this book for my book talk the more I liked it, this book was simply made for teaching!

Science in the News

Recently I stumbled upon an article involving science in the news that truly blew me away!! I really liked the set up of this article because it doesn't cover one single aspect of science in the news, instead it covers several different stories.  The article gives little snippets of various different articles and has the main articles all hyperlinked into her (Deirdra O'Regan's) article.  I also liked that incase one didn't want to read the article, she also provides a video that sums up the whole article.  My favorite story had to be the most recent discovery of planets by the Kepler space telescope in which it found over 1,200 new planets!  It is simply amazing that we are making these discoveries ever day, and it show the true expanse of the universe; that over 1,200 planets weren't even known until a few days ago is testament to that.  I think that this style of article is great for todays fast paced world.  We all want to get things done so quickly now that no one has time to stop and read an article, I feel that this type seeks a middle ground in the journalism field in which it gives a teaser to the whole story and only costs a few seconds of ones time.  I can see this article and others like it having a great influence on teaching science in the news to students, it gives students a wide array of new scientific discoveries right at their fingertips and can give a quick preview so students know what they're about to get into.

Sunday, May 1, 2016

Science Fair Project

As one of our assignments we had to create a science fair project and submit it to the BDMS Science fair.  I was a little nervous as it seemed like Mrs. F was going to grade us harshly, especially since she knew we are either teaching or will be soon!

My project tested the viscosity of syrup with the change in temperature.  My hypothesis was that as temperature would increase viscosity would decrease.  To test this I (with the help of my girlfriend) heated up syrup in a glass cylinder and would drop pennies into the syrup.  We began with room temperature (70 degrees F) and recorded a time of 2.77s.  We put a candy thermometer into the syrup to check the temperature and would intermittently drop pennies down into the bottom of the cylinder.  As the results came out it appeared that my hypothesis was correct! The results on the graph show how much of a change took place, I was astounded at how much of a change was possible with the final time being .64s at 150 degrees F!  As an added bonus I threw the syrup in the refrigerator overnight and tested the viscosity yet again.  At 50 degrees F the time it took for the penny to fall was 16s!  I had a lot of fun with this assignment and would love to have my students in the future!!
(Kerry dropping the first penny)