Tuesday, March 1, 2016

Fieldwork Group #2

We met yet again in Bishop Dunn for the second group to do their fieldwork, this time the group did their lesson on the dichotomous key.  They started by getting everyone involved including the teachers and grad students.  They had us broken up into classes so that we could be identified, it was a great way to get the kids moving and focused right off the bat!  I must admit when they first started saying dichotomous key I had completely forgotten what it was!  I remembered hearing it before but I couldn't for the life of me remember what they were/did.  So with that I was excited to start learning!
As soon as I had seen the dichotomous key was I instantly remembered what it was and what they were used for.  To me it was always the fun 'eye-spy' game designed as a science lesson.  Justin and Becky taught the lesson flawlessly in my eyes, they worked very well together and it seemed like something they had been doing for a long time! After their direct instruction lesson they began their inquiry lesson which involved using the dichotomous key to identify jelly beans from Harry Potter.  You could actually see the excitement in the students faces when the jelly bean bags came out.  They used their knowledge of the key to identify what each jelly bean type was so that they would not have to eat nasty flavors such as ear wax and vomit.  It was fun to see them go through the lesson and then try them out in the end.  I even tried a Vomit jelly bean in the end and it was quite possibly the worst tasting thing ever!

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