Tuesday, February 23, 2016

Second Snowday!

What a surprise!! A second snow day! I was actually very fortunate for the weather as I was actually very sick.  At the time I thought I had gotten food poisoning over the weekend however, it turns out I may have had the Norovirus which we just so happened to be going through an outbreak at the time.  I would assume if I had got it it was either from the preschool where I work, or Whiteface Mountain where I had gone snowboarding over the weekend.  I must say the trip to Whiteface Mountain was a ton of fun! (Other than the return trip Sunday in which I started feeling sick)  Surprisingly the weekend before quite a scientific event took place at Whiteface where the temperature reached -114 degrees fahrenheit with the wind chill!!! http://unofficialnetworks.com/2016/02/whiteface-mountain-reaches-114-wind-chill-summit

During our lesson with Dr. Smirnova, she helped us with working on our lesson plans and edtpa yet again.  It was good to get more insight on a tricky subject for me and to be able to enjoy it from home!! The class took place yet again in the MSMC Online classroom and this time I was pretty familiar with how it worked.  (Unfortunately my microphone was still non-functional, but otherwise no problems!)  The lesson did not last the entire class as Dr. Smirnova let us go early to work on our classwork/lesson plans.  Overall it was a great class and I was happy to keep my sick body home!

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